One of the interesting aspects of life is its unpredictability. You will never know what could happen even during a scheduled activity. However, as much as it adds spice in life, unpredictability has its negative effects. And it is accident. Accident is an unpredictable event which can threaten the life of everyone who got involved in it. And here are the types of accidents which can happen to you according to law.


1.Car accidents - With millions of cars being used everyday all over the world, there are several traffic accidents happening in a lot of places. It could involved one or more cars as well as pedestrians. A minor injury or car damage is the least of your worries when it comes to car accidents. There are a lot of car accidents which caused severe injuries or even fatalities. There are also other transportation accidents involving train, plane and even boats.


2.Work accidents - People who make a living through hard jobs such as manual labor, factory workers or constructions are at risk to work related accidents. Due to the nature of their work, the work accidents are often serious which can lead to amputation, paralysis and even death.


3.Animal accidents - With people owning pets in every neighborhood, animal accidents are bound to happen. Dog bites, snake bites and injuries involving horses are common. For people living alongside wild animals are also at risk to animal accidents. Know more claims about accidents and laws at


4.Food poisoning - Food poisoning is also considered an accident. People accidentally ate expired food or food which are not properly cooked or prepared. Restaurants and food companies are held liable with harsh penalties when involved with food poisoning cases.


5.Personal injuries - Trips and falls are also accidents which are often self-inflected. However, there are also personal injuries which are brought by another party. This includes assault, hijacking, and unintentional personal injuries.


6.Sports injuries - Athletes can receive injuries due to the sports they are playing. Boxers can get concussion. Ankle, wrist, hip, back and head injuries are also possible depending on the sport. Unfortunately, most athletes who got injured due to sports are not compensated aside from their contract and insurance. Consult a lawyer at Law offices of Michael Freedman!


7.Negligence - There are also accidents which are due to negligence. Most of these cases involved doctors, policemen and firemen. These professionals at at risk of being held responsible for any accidents or wrongful death to the people they are dealing with.



Whenever you are involved in an accident, it is recommended to get help to tend for your injuries as well as consult an attorney such as a car accident Maflaw lawyer if you are involved in a car accident so you will know your responsibilities or claims.